Periodontal Residents Membership Frequently Asked Questions

Periodontal residents may enjoy all benefits of AAP membership at a significantly reduced cost.

Who belongs to the American Academy of Periodontology?

The American Academy of Periodontology (AAP) is the professional organization for periodontists and dentists with an interest in the specialty as well as residents preparing to enter the profession. As a member, you join a network of more than 8,200 dental professionals in over 82 countries, students in ADA accredited residency programs, and general and restorative dentists with a special interest in interdisciplinary treatment through expanded knowledge of periodontics.

Who is eligible for Student membership in the American Academy of Periodontology?

Any individual who is continuously enrolled in a 3-year training program in periodontology accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation of the American Dental Association is eligible for Student membership in the Academy.

How much is Academy membership and what kind of payment does the Academy accept?

The 2015 dues rate for Student members is $123. The Academy accepts American Express, Visa, and MasterCard. Payment of dues is required when the membership application is submitted. Applications received on or after October 31, 2015 will be credited towards the 2016 calendar year.

What resources does the American Academy of Periodontology provide Student members?

Your first and best Academy resource is the AAP website.

Does the Academy provide any kind of financial assistance to Student members?

The American Academy of Periodontology Foundation offers a number of scholarship and fellowship programs that are of interest to the Academy's Student members. Learn more about AAPF education awards.

Does the Academy offer any special programs specifically for student Members?

The Student Event at the AAP Annual Meeting is a complimentary educational session and luncheon to assist with the transition from a postdoctoral periodontal student to a practitioner. All AAP Student Members who register for the Annual Meeting may attend.

Where can I find Job Postings?

AAP Student Members can access the Classified Ads in the Member Service Center.

I just graduated from my postdoctoral periodontal training program. What now?

The most important thing is not to let your Academy membership lapse. Student members have several options following graduation. Academy Bylaws allow Student members to transfer member categories without paying an application fee.

The first few years out of school can be both exciting and challenging. The Academy recognizes those challenges and has created two membership options that may assist you in your transition.

  • Option #1 allows you to remain in the Student member category for up to two years following graduation. The purpose of the two-year grace period is to allow new practitioners to receive lower dues while starting a new practice. This provides a considerable savings to the recent graduate. No action is required if you prefer to remain in the Student member category. After your two-year grace period concludes, the Academy will automatically send you a transfer application. At that time you will be required to transfer to the Active, International or Associate member category in order to maintain your membership with the Academy. Individuals remaining in the Student member category are not eligible to participate in the Academy's Find a Periodontist (FaP) program. Find a Periodontist is a member benefit available to all Active, Life-Active and International members.

    Student members who graduated from a periodontal program in 2013 are required to submit an application to transfer their AAP membership status by the end of 2014 when their eligibility for student membership expires. At the time of the transfer application:

    • Active and Associate members are required to be members in good standing of the American Dental Association
    • International members are required to be members of a recognized national dental association or a recognized Canadian provincial dental association if the dentist resides in Canada.

    Please contact the Membership Department at to obtain a transfer application form.

  • Option #2 allows you to move directly into the Active membership category if you meet all of the criteria for Active membership and have completed your postdoctoral training. AAP Active member qualifications require that you are:
    • Licensed to practice in the U.S.
    • Member of the American Dental Association
    • Qualified as a specialist in periodontics according to ADA requirements and limit your practice to periodontics
    • Qualified both as a periodontist and one or more other ADA recognized specialties and limit your practice to these specialties
    • Primarily a researcher or educator in periodontics who limits practice to periodontics

    With this option, you would transfer into the Active member category, pay the Student dues rate for the two year grace period and enjoy all the Active member benefits including the right to vote and hold office. Members who select this option are eligible to participate in the Find a Periodontist (FaP).

What happens if I plan to practice outside the United States and its territories?

No matter where you relocate following graduation, you will enjoy the two-year grace period in the Student member category. When the Academy notifies you that it is time to transfer, you will be required to transfer into the International category of membership. You will also receive an International member transfer application that you will be required to complete and return to the Academy.


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