AAP Celebrates 100 Years

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Please take part in the celebration by sharing a unique patient story, an anecdote about an AAP meeting or other event, or a memory of fellow periodontist that inspired you. The AAP plans to highlight submissions throughout the 100th Anniversary celebration.


one pocket

AAP Member
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AAP Member
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Bashar Bakdash

AAP Member
It is hard to believe that I have attended my first AAP meeting in Atlanta, Georgia in 1974. I was very excited to be a part of the local arrangement and hosting committee during the AAP meeting in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1975. Over the past 40 years, my involvement in the AAP as a member, as well as a part of a number of committees and Task Forces was very rewarding and contributed to my personal and professional growth. Above all, connecting with other AAP members during the various meetings was very rewarding, and provided endless opportunities to be mentored and being a mentor as well. All of us are very fortunate to be a part of the AAP. As long as we focus on quality education, research, and patient care, our organization with no doubt will grow and flourish in the years to come. Bashar Bakdash, Minneapolis, Minnesota

smitha vijay

Friend of the AAP
Kannur, India
Dear all, Greetings to all Periodontics teachers and friends all over the world. I am a periodontics post graduate student from India. Look forward to the reports and photographs of the awaited meeting of AAP. Waiting to be a member of AAP in near future. Warm Regards Smitha Vijay Madathil, BDS.

Joan Otomo-Corgel

AAP Member
Manhattan Beach
All periodontists should be a part of our 100 year historic event! Only as an organization do we have the strength to create scientific collaborations, share clinical expertise, and advocate for our specialty. I am looking forward to seeing my profession friends for life at the City by the Bay.

Sunny Drake

AAP Member
Happy 100th Anniversary! Proud to be a periodontist, and excited for the future of periodontology. Here's to many more years to come.

Yasser khabbaz

AAP Member
I am very proud to be a member of the academy ever since my first year of post graduate training in periodontics in 2005. The academy is light house for all Periodontists all over the world seeking knowledge in the field of periodontology and relatively recently ( Dental implants). I hope that the Academy continues its leading role not only in promoting the science of " periodontology " but also in improving the profession of the " Periodontist " . HAPPY 100TH ANNIVERSARY to all of the members

Richard A. Shick

AAP Member
Grand Blanc
The Acadamy used to have Summer Scientific Seminars in addition to the Annual Academy Meeting. As Chair of this activity in 1965, an excellent summer educational program was planned in Ann Arbor Michigan. There was one night open so a bright idea arose. The General Manager of the Buick Motor Division of GM, was delighted to schedule a visit to the final assembly plant in Flint MI, the birthplace and home of the General Motors Corporation. Two busses loaded all participants and drove them to Flint, 60 miles away, for a dinner in the Corporate Dinning room. Next was a tour of the most advanced final assembly line in the world. One hour and twenty minutes after a frame started down the line, a brand new Buck automobile was driven to the loading dock for shipment to a dealership. Side assembly lines displayed how components were made ready to enter final line and all these activities were fascinating and mind boggling. Years later, fellow Periodontists would tell me how much they enjoyed and were fascinated by that tour. Never once, did anyone compliment the wonderful scientific program they attended. My hope was now that they saw this final assembly, those currently not Buick owners would become owners and those that were Buick owners would continue that practice. Dick Shick


AAP Member
I am a dentist from China. I became a member of AAP this year, with appreciation. I know AAP from my teather Mr. Hu, who is a member of AAP for many years, and every year he go to attend the conference.He also teach me a lot in periodontitics. I have encountered a lot problems in periodontal patients, which can not be found in many books. After browsing the website of AAP, I was deeply inspired, with no feeling of hopelessness any more. So,I have arranged my job and family, holping to attend the anniversary conference to learn more.Most important, best wishes to the 100th anniversary celebration, and a better future!

Dr Jo Rummelhart

AAP Member
When I graduated from Bethesda in 1988, the AAP was just creating the "Young Periodontist" Committee. It was an "early exposure" to the inner workings of the Academy...... and the encouragement and inclusiveness that the leaders of the Academy showed to this committee was IMPRESSIVE. What great role models and mentors! My warmest "thank you" to all who have served the Academy so well over the years......it is greatly appreciated!