Find a Periodontist FAQs

Find a Periodontist puts patients in contact with local periodontists and is open to all Active, Life Active, and International members.

What is the Find A Periodontist Service?

Consumers who call the Academy's 800-FLOSS-EM number or visit the AAP website looking for a periodontist in their area can obtain contact and practice information for members who choose to be included in the Find a Periodontist database. Consumers may find a periodontist online by entering a zip code, city, state, area code, or last name to get a list of eligible members who meet the entered parameter(s).

Who Can Join Find a Periodontist?

All Active, Life Active, and International members may join Find a Periodontist by completing the Find a Periodontist Update Form in the Members section of the website. New members in these categories will be eligible to join Find a Periodontist as soon as their annual dues fee has been processed and they receive their membership number.

Find a Periodontist is also open to recent postdoc graduates who transfer from the Student to Active member category. Transferring allows them to enjoy Active member benefits and continue paying reduced student dues for the first two years after graduation. Learn more about membership options for recent graduates.

What is the Cost to Participate in Find a Periodontist?

As a member benefit, there is no fee for the Find a Periodontist service. Eligible members need only complete and submit the Find a Periodontist Update Form.

How Does Find a Periodontist Benefit a member's Practice?

Find a Periodontist puts prospective patients in contact with Academy members in their area. It builds on the Academy's media relations and PR outreach efforts by bringing consumers one step closer to members' offices. An increased number of articles appearing in prominent consumer publications have enabled the Academy to achieve substantial increases in the number of patients referred to members. Reading about the Find a Periodontist in The New York Times or Better Homes & Gardens, or hearing about it on local radio stations encourages patients to take action. Consumers who visit the Academy's website or call the 800-FLOSS-EM number requesting a referral are given only the names of members who are listed in the Find a Periodontist Service.

What Features are Included in a member's Find a Periodontist listing?

  • The addresses and phone numbers of up to three office locations.
  • A Google map of each office location.
  • Clickable links to email the office and visit the practice's website, if these addresses are entered on update form.
  • Information on the member's professional certification, memberships, awards and honors, and practice philosophy.

Am I Automatically Listed in Find a Periodontist?

No. Only Active, Life Active, and International Academy members who have completed the Find a Periodontist Update Form are included in the Referral Service. Find a Periodontist listings are created and maintained by each individual member. If you did not join Find a Periodontist in the past but would like to participate, start by reading Tips for an Effective Find a Periodontist Listing before completing the Find a Periodontist Update Form.

What Information Gets Listed?

YOU decide what gets shared with patients. The Find a Periodontist Update Form gives you complete control over the information about your practice in the Find a Periodontist Service.

Your Find a Periodontist profile is NOT changed when you tell the AAP to change the mailing or email address in your member record.

How do I Add or Update My Information in Find a Periodontist?

  • From any page on the Academy's website, click the orange Member Login button in the top right corner. After you log in, you will be on the Member Resources page. Look for the "Find a Periodontist" section and click the link to Edit your Find a Periodontist listing.
  • If you are listed with the service, your practice information will appear on the Find a Periodontist Listing Form and you can make changes by highlighting what's in a field and typing your updated information. If you are not listed, enter your information on the form.
  • When you have finished entering or updating your information, click the UPDATE button near the bottom to send it to our server. You may wish to enter your zip code in the Find a Periodontist search to be sure your practice comes up in the results and your listing is correct.

What Can I Do to Attract More Patient from Find a Periodontist?

For guidelines on how to improve your listing, review the Find a Periodontist Listing Tips.

How Can I Remove My Listing from Find a Periodontist?

If you transfer to an ineligible member status, you will automatically be removed from Find a Periodontist. If you are still eligible but wish to remove your listing permanently or temporarily, you may contact the AAP to request removal.

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