Find a Periodontist Listing Tips

Active, Life Active, and International members should follow these suggestions when completing the Find a Periodontist Listing Form in order to create a periodontist profile that leads prospective patients to find and contact you.

Keeping Your Profile Up-to-Date

YOU decide what gets shared with patients by entering information about your practice and professional qualifications on the Find a Periodontist Listing Form. What you enter on the form is converted to a Web profile about you for patients who search for a periodontist in your area.

Return to the Find a Periodontist Listing Form regularly to be sure your practice information is current and to correct anything that may have changed since your last review.

Important Note:

Filling Out the Find a Periodontist Listing Form

Required fields You don't have to fill out all the fields on the form; only fields marked with a red asterisk (*) are required for form submission. These required fields are for your first and last name and your primary office location.

Text boxes Place your cursor in a text field and type the information requested, or highlight already entered information and type to change it. For most fields, your entry can be a little longer than the width of the text box; press your right arrow key to view the part of your entry that isn't visible in the box. Use correct spelling and capitalization because in most cases what you type is exactly what patients will see on your Web profile. Your profile will be more readable and attractive if you do not type in all UPPPERCASE letters. All-uppercase entries for a member's name and office location(s) will automatically be converted to intial-cap format for consistent display in search results and profiles.

Checkboxes and radio buttons To select a square checkbox or round radio button, position your cursor arrow on it and click. You can select as many checkboxes as you wish, but only one radio button in a set.

Pull-down menus Position your cursor on a pull-down menu and click to see the list of options; drag your cursor to an option and click to select it.

Update button When you have finished filling out the form, click the UPDATE button at the bottom of the page. Remember that the profile you've created or updated will not be seen by patients in the Find A Periodontist service until you click the UPDATE button.


Tips for Improving Your Find a Periodontist Profile

The quality and accuracy of the information you enter on the Listing Form determines how your profile compares to others seen by prospective patients searching for a periodontist.

Except for the required fields marked with *, you can choose to leave any form field blank and exclude the requested information from your profile.

Professional Credentials and Contact Info

  • Enter your First name, Middle name/initial, and Last name exactly as you want them to appear at the top of your profile. Names entered in all UPPERCASE letters will be converted to initial-cap format on the profile and search results.
  • The Suffix field allows you to add "Jr" or a similar designation to your name at the top of your profile.
  • Degrees earned includes two new pull-down menus in addition to DDS and DMD. The degree(s) you select will appear next to your name at the top of your profile.
  • If you enter your e-mail address and website address on the form, they will appear as clickable links in the right column of your profile, enabling prospective patients to find out more about you. Be sure to test these links when you preview your profile. Your website address will usually start with www (for example:
  • Any information you enter in the remaining fields of this section will be displayed under the new profile heading "Professional Credentials." You can enter the postdoctoral Periodontal training institution you attended as a resident, whether you're a Board-certified Diplomate or have earned any other Professional certification. In addition, there are new fields for entering the predoctoral Dental school where you earned your DDS or DMD, the faculty or hospital Staff positions you now hold, the Awards and honors you've earned, and your Professional memberships in addition to the AAP. Remember that this information is for patients, so enter full names rather than abbreviations in these fields.

Office Location(s)

The form allows you to enter the locations of up to three offices where you treat patients, for display in the right column of your profile (with a link to a map for each U.S. location). Enter a complete address for each office to ensure that it will come up in related search results.

  • Street address must consist of a street number and street name to ensure an accurate office location map. Do NOT enter the name of an office building in this field.
  • Building name/suite # is the field where you may enter the name of your building (example: Metro Professional Center), a suite number, or a brief phrase describing the office location (examples: Across from Central Park, Next to City Hall, In Stratford Mall).
  • City should not include any punctuation marks such as a hyphen (-) or period (.) or apostrophe ('). Be sure to enter the city name patients are most likely to search on. Consumers won't find you unless there is an exact match between the spelling of the city they enter and the city on your listing. (For example, a patient who enters St Louis won't find your listing if you enter "Saint Louis.")
  • Zip/postal code is the most often used search parameter for U.S. periodontists, so it's important to enter the zip code for each office location.
  • Country should NOT be entered for U.S practices. If your practice is outside the U.S., choose your country from the pull-down menu.
  • Telephone number is required for your primary office but not for other locations. When you enter an area code, do NOT enclose it in parentheses.

Other Practice Information

Information requested in the remainder of the form is intended to tell prospective patients about your practice. You may leave any of these fields blank if you wish.

  • If you enter the Name of your practice on the form, it will appear as a heading near the top of your profile. (On the sample profile shown above, "Advanced Periodontics" was entered on the form as the name of the practice.) Leave this field blank if your practice name includes your first and last names since they will already appear at the top of your profile.
  • Enter a brief description of your Practice philosophy/goals to let prospective patients know what they can expect if you treat them.
  • Year periodontal practice was started refers to your current practice but not necessarily its present location.
  • Check the boxes on the form for all the Treatment options you offer. Some patients may be searching for a periodontist that can provde a specific type of treatment.
  • Office hours can indicate the days and hours you are at particular locations. For example: M/Tu 10-4 (Elmbrook); Th/F 10-4 (Dearborn); S 9-12 (Lansing).
  • Describe your usual Initial visit procedures in simple, nontechnical terms. Do NOT use abbreviations that most patients won't understand.


Special Tips for International Members

  • Complete the form in English since that's what the Academy's website uses for all of its content.
  • Use the form's Degrees earned drop-down menus and the Professional certification field to list credentials other than DDS or DMD that are used in your country and will be familiar to prospective patients who reside there.
  • An office Street Address that starts with a number is required for U.S. practitioners in order to generate an accurate map, but this requirement does not apply to members outside the U.S.
  • State/province The form's pull-down menu contains only U.S./Canadian states and provinces. However, you may enter a state or province in the Zip/Postal Code box if you wish.
  • Be sure to choose your Country from the pull-down menu if you want to come up when prospective patients search for a periodontist in a country outside the U.S.



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