The AAP views advertising as a means of keeping its members informed of products and services relating to periodontal care.

The AAP seeks to promote the art and science of periodontology and to encourage the improved dental health of the public. The Academy believes that advertising constitutes an important means of keeping its members informed of products and services relating to the provision of periodontal care.

Review Requirements

All display advertisements must be reviewed and accepted by the Academy prior to publication. Please note that the advertisements themselves (not the products being advertised) are screened; therefore, any revision to an accepted or published ad must be resubmitted for review.

Advertising Standards

  • Products and services advertised in Academy publications should be germane to periodontology, useful in the practice of periodontics, or of interest to periodontists.
  • Advertising may not contain claims or statements which are not adequately substantiated, exaggerate the benefits of the product or service, or are otherwise false or misleading.
  • Alcoholic beverages and tobacco products may not be advertised.
  • Advertisers may be requested to provide copies of cited articles or other supportive material for review.
  • If product claims are made, advertisers may be required to footnote cited studies and published results in the advertisement.
  • For drugs or devices that require clearance by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) prior to marketing, advertisers must provide evidence of clearance and the claims allowed. Clinical claims allowed by the FDA or the appropriate seal program of the American Dental Association will be accepted as validation of a product’s efficacy.
  • The Academy reserves the right not to publish advertising for any product or service or an educational course promoting a product or service: 1) that is involved in litigation with a government agency with regard to claims made in the marketing of such a product; 2) that is the subject of an unfavorable or cautionary report of an agency of the American Dental Association or any regulatory agency; or 3) that, in the Academy’s judgment, has not been shown to be safe and effective.
  • Advertisements from certifying boards not recognized by the American Dental Association will not be accepted.

Submitting an Advertisement for Review

Lead time required: Advertisements promoting new products or containing clinical claims can require a lengthy review; therefore, advertisers are encouraged to submit copy and any published references or supportive data as far ahead of the desired publication date as possible. Acceptance of an advertisement by the Academy does not obligate the advertiser to place an insertion order. See individual publication specifications for copy review deadlines and space closing dates.

Format: Final copy must be submitted for review. Digital files, typewritten copy, and rough layouts are acceptable. Tear sheets from other publications or camera-ready materials also may be submitted provided they are in a format which can be photocopied.

Advertiser Liability

Advertisers are directed to review rate cards for terms and conditions.