Honorary Membership: Dr. Hiromasa Yoshie

The AAP presents its Honorary Membership Award to a practitioner who does not qualify for active Academy membership, but has made notable contributions to the art and science of periodontology. This year’s recipient, Dr. Hiromasa Yoshie, has been instrumental as a recognized educator and researcher whose contributions on such topics as regeneration, tissue engineering, and systemic relationships have enhanced the canon of periodontal research. Dr. Yoshie is currently a professor at Niigata University’s Institute of Medicine and Dentistry in Niigata, Japan.

In addition to his extensive background in teaching and investigation, Dr. Yoshie has been an instrumental leader at the Japanese Society of Periodontology (JSP), helping to foster the group’s long-standing collaboration with the AAP. “Dr. Yoshie attended his first AAP Annual Meeting in 1984, and I always knew that I would see him even if he was not speaking at that specific event,” says Dr. Ken Kornman, editor-in-chief of the AAP’s Journal of Periodontology, for which Dr. Yoshie sits on the editorial advisory board. “He has worked tirelessly for many years to promote the close partnership between the AAP and the Japanese Society of Periodontology.”

Dr. Yoshie has presented at a number of AAP Annual Meetings over the years, including the first AAP-JSP meeting in 2000 and most recently at the 2016 Annual Meeting in San Diego. Dr. Yoshie is a recent recipient of the President’s Research Award from the Japanese Association for Dental Science.

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