Academy Award Recipients

Current and previous recipients of Academy Awards given for professional contributions and service to the American Academy of Periodontology.


The Academy's highest honor, given in recognition of outstanding contributions and service to the Academy and understanding of the field of periodontology and the diagnosis and treatment of periodontal diseases. Selection criteria

2020 Donald S. Clem, III
2019 Edward P. Allen
2018 Gary Greenstein
2017 David Cochran
2015 Vincent J. Iacono
2014 William Becker
2013 Louis F. Rose
2012 Preston D. Miller, Jr.
2011 Donald F. Adams
2010 Lloyd K. Croft
2009 Michael K. McGuire
2008 Ray C. Williams
2007 Michael G. Newman
2006 Gordon L. Douglass
2005 S. Timothy Rose
2004 Jack G. Caton
2003 Robert T. Ferris
2002 Leonard S. Tibbetts
2001 Sebastian G. Ciancio
2000 Gary C. Armitage
1999 James T. Mellonig
1998 J. Gary Maynard, Jr.
1997 Myron Nevins
1996 Gerald M. Kramer
1995 Richard Chace, Sr.
1994 Frank E. Beube
1993 Robert J. Genco
1992 Gerald M. Bowers
1991 Erwin P. Barrington
1990 Erwin M. Schaffer
1989 Robert G. Schallhorn
1988 Robert Gottsegen
1987 Marvin M. Sugarman
1986 Abram I. Chasens
1985 Henry M. Swenson
1984 Charles W. Finley
1983 Clifford Ochsenbein
1982 S. Sigmund Stahl
1981 Robert L. Reeves
1980 Helmut Zander
1979 Jens Waerhaug
1978 Claude Nabers
1977 Timothy O'Leary
1976 Balint Orban (posthumous)
1975 Saul Schluger
1974 John F. Prichard
1973 Sigurd P. Ramfjord
1972 Irving Glickman (posthumous)
1971 D. Walter Cohen
1970 Harry Sicher
1969 Maynard K. Hine
1968 Henry M. Goldman
1967 Sumter Arnim


Given to a member who has practiced and demonstrated consistent clinical excellence in periodontics and who has willingly and unselfishly shared that expertise with members of the profession. This award is sponsored by Geistlich Pharma North America in 2020. Selection criteria

2020 Pamela K. McClain
2019 Hom-Lay Wang
2018 Oded Bahat
2017 Jack Caton
2016 Stuart J. Froum
2015 Paul S. Rosen
2014 Barry D. Wagenberg
2013 Stephen S. Wallace
2012 Leonard S. Tibbetts
2011 Roland M. Meffert (posthumous)
         Edwin S. Rosenberg
2010 Dennis A. Shanelec
2009 James T. Mellonig
2008 William Becker
2007 Michael K. McGuire
2006 Henry H. Takei
2005 Dennis Tarnow
2004 J. Gary Maynard, Jr.
2003 Morton Amsterdam
2002 Edward P. Allen
2001 Myron Nevins
2000 Gerald M. Bowers
1999 Preston D. Miller
1998 Jay S. Seibert (posthumous)
1997 Burton Langer
1996 William F. Ammons, Jr.
1995 Robert G. Schallhorn
         Saul Schluger (posthumous)
1994 Bernard S. Chaikin
1993 Marvin M. Sugarman
1991 Clifford Ochsenbein
1990 Claude L. Nabers
1989 Gerald M. Kramer
1988 John F. Prichard
1987 Herman Corn


Presented to an Academy member selected for distinguished service to the Academy in more than one area over a period of not less than 20 years. Selection criteria

2020 Wayne A. Alderge
2019 Brian Mealey
2018 Gregory Fauth
2017 John Kobs
2016 Jack G. Caton
2014 Pamela K. McClain
2013 Henry Greenwell
2012 Milton Palat
         Leslie M. Salkin
2011 Stephen K. Harrel
2010 Gary Greenstein
2009 Kenneth A. Krebs


Presented to an Academy member who has actively contributed to the basic science and/or clinical science of periodontology through published literature and may have contributed to pre- or postdoctoral education and/or scientific conferences or symposia. Selection criteria

2019 Yvonne Kapila
2018 Kenneth Kornman
2017 Hom-Lay Wang
2016 Martha J. Somerman
2015 Laurie K. McCauley
2014 Steven Offenbacher
2013 David L. Cochran
2012 Robert J. Gencos
2011 Roy C. Page
2010 William V. Giannobile
2009 Sigmund S. Socransky


Recognizes an exemplary periodontal faculty member whose career demonstrates excellence in teaching and is an inspiration to students. This award is sponsored by Hu-Friedy. Selection criteria

2020 Vincent Iacono
2019 Dimitris Tatakis
2018 Brian Mealey
2017 Hom-Lay Wang
2016 Thomas C. Waldrop
2015 Michael P. Mills
2014 Kent G. Palcanis
2013 Terry D. Rees
         Robert S. Schoor (posthumously)
2012 Charles M. Cobb
2011 Everett B. Hancock
2010 Nabil F. Bissada
2009 Jack G. Caton
2008 William W. Hallmon
2007 Donald E. Willmann
2006 Lewis J. Claman
2005 Thomas Weatherford
2004 Ray C. Williams
2003 James T. Mellonig


Awarded to individuals for outstanding work on an Academy committee or special project.Selection criteria

2020 Continuing Education Oversight Committee Co-Chairs
         Barry D. Wagenberg
         E. Todd Scheyer
2019 Task Force to Implement Leadership Development Program
         Sharon Bannister
         Jennifer Doobrow
         Charles Powell
         Steven Reitan
         Edward Segal
         MATCH Workgroup
         Vincent Iacono
         Angela Palaiologou-Gallis
         Leena Palomo
         Mia Geisinger
         Panagiota Stathopoulou
         Dimitris Tatakis
2018 Best Evidence Consensus Co-Chairs:
         Bradley McAllister
         George Mandelaris
         E. Todd Scheyer
         Michael Mills
         Paul Rosen
         Kenneth Kornman
         Richard Kao
2018 World Workshop on Disease Classification:
         Jack Caton
         Panos Papapanou
         Kenneth Kornman
         Soren Jepsen
         Mariano Sanz
         Gary Armitage
         Tord Berglundh
         Iain Chapple
         Brian Mealey
         Maurizo Tonetti
         Wayne Aldredge
2017 Allan Charles
2017 Task Force on General Assembly Voting:
         James Wilson
         David Okano
         Christopher Richardson

2015 Charles M. Cobb
2014 2011-2012 Task Force to Update the Glossary of Terms:
         Sharon R. Bannister, Chair
         Douglas R. Dixon, Vice Chair
         Frederick C. Bisch
         Casey M. Campbell
         Margaret Hill
         Cristina Cunha Villar
         Robert A. Faiella, Consultant
         S. Jerome Zackin, Consultant
         James G. Barnes, Board Liaison
2013 Authors of AAP Report on Peri-Implant Mucositis and Peri-Implantitis:
         Donald S. Clem III
         David L. Cochran
         Stuart J. Froum
         Bradley S. McAllister
         Stefan Renvert
         Paul S. Rosen
         Hom-Lay Wang
2012 Task Force for General Dentist Outreach:
         Diego Velasquez, Chair
         Walter E. Colon II
         Gordon L. Douglass
         Lisa B. Masters
         Robert P. Pulliam
         Edward H. Segal
         Wayne A. Aldredge
         AAP/CDC Workgroup:
         Robert J. Genco, Chair
         James D. Beck
         Wenche S. Borgnakke
         Alice DeForest
         Gordon L. Douglass
         Bruce A. Dye
         Paul I. Eke
         Roy C. Page
         Gary Slade
         George W. Taylor
         Gina Thornton-Evans
2011 Editors of Clinical Advances in Periodontics:
         Kenneth S. Kornman
         Michael S. Reddy
2010 S. Jerome Zackin
2009 Robert A. Faiella
2008 Milton Palat
         Inflammation Workshop Organizing Committee:
         Kenneth S. Kornman
         Thomas E. Van Dyke
         Ray C. Williams
2007 Donald S. Clem, III
         Georgia K. Johnson
         Joan Otomo-Corgel
2006 Raymond A. Yukna and the University of Colorado
2005 University of Colorado
         Stuart J. Froum
         Gilia Rethman
         Paul S. Rosen
2004 Gary C. Armitage
         Jack G. Caton
         Michael G. Newman
         Brian I. Chadroff
         Mitchell J. Bloom
2003 Stephen Mackler
         John Sottosanti
2002 Bobby L. Butler
         Cheryl L. Townsend
         H. Stan Ford
         Louis F. Rose
2001 Gary C. Armitage
         Carole N. Hildebrand
         Michael P. Rethman
         Kohji Hasegawa
2000 Pamela S. Berlanga
         S. Timothy Rose
         Noah I. Zager
1999 Donald S. Clem, III
         David G. Cochran
         Michael P. Rethman
1998 Roy C. Page
         Gary M. Reiser
         John Sottosanti
1997 Gordon L. Douglass
         Michael K. McGuire
         Michael G. Newman
         Leonard S. Tibbetts
         Raymond A. Yukna
1996 Edward P. Allen
         Milton A. Glicksman
         Kent G. Palcanis
         Dennis P. Tarnow
1995 Charles W. Finley
         Paul R. Rhodes
         W. Lee Young
1994 Sebastian G. Ciancio
         Samuel B. Low
         Michael K. McGuire
1993 Robert T. Ferris
         Jo Anne M. Rummelhart
         Dennis P. Tarnow
1992 Myron Nevins
         Roland M. Meffert
1991 Arnold F. Binderman
         L.K. Croft
         Leonard S. Tibbetts
1990 Julius J. Bentman
         Anthony W. Gargiulo
         William C. James
         Stephen Mackler
         Roland M. Meffert
         Ted M. Nakata
         David M. Sinar
1989 World Workshop Committee:
         Myron Nevins, Chair
         William Becker
         Gerald M. Bowers
         Richard Bradley
         J. Gary Maynard, Jr.
         James T. Mellonig
         Michael G. Newman
         Robert G. Schallhorn
1989 Gordon L. Douglass
         William B. Gillette
         Richard D. Wilson
         Raymond A. Yukna
         James T. Mellonig
         David Plessett
1987 Robert T. Ferris
         Milton A. Marten
         Leonard S. Tibbetts
         Ronald VanSwol
1986 Chester Douglass
         Russell A. McCallion
1985 Marilyn C. Homquist
1984 B. Charles Bruce
         Stephen F. Goodman
         J. Richard Hall
1983 Sebastion G. Ciancio
1982 Gerald M. Bowers
1981 Bennett Klavan
         Morton B. Stone
1980 E. Jean Pierson
         Myron Nevins
1979 Erwin P. Barrington
1977 James A. Tobias
1976 Charles W. Finley
1975 Arnold A. Ariaudo
         Merwyn A. Landy
         Donald H. Masters
         Harold L. Meador

H. Dalton Conner Humanitarian Award

Presented to an Academy member who has given selflessly through extraordinary actions that benefit a deserving population. Selection criteria

2020 Othman Shibly
2019 Michael Haddow
2017 Michael Perry (posthumous)
2014 Craig J. Hovick
2012 Steven Blanchard
2011 Todd Smith
2009 William C. Sasser
2008 Irvin B. Silverstein
2007 William C. James
2006 David A. Woolweaver
2005 Stephen Mackler
2004 Francis G. Serio
2003 H. Dalton Conner


Honorary members shall be chosen from those individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the art and science of periodontology. Selection criteria

2020 Giovanni Zucchelli
2019 James Beck
        Shinya Murakami
2018 Jørgen Slots
2017 Hiromasa Yoshie
2015 Joerg Meyle
2014 P. Mark Bartold
2013 Isao Ishikawa
2012 Vincent Conner (posthumously)
2010 Jeanne Ambruster
         Francine Berkey
         Tomoko Tsuchiya
2009 Eiji Funakoshi
2008 Lawrence Farrell
2005 Linda Tarrson
2004 Kenneth King
2003 Hiroo Kaneda
         Yoshihiro Ono
2002 Uros Skaleric
2001 Kohji Hasegawa
2000 Leonard Abrams
1999 Harold Slavkin
1998 Niklaus P. Lang
1997 Daniel Buser
1996 Jan Egelberg
1995 Morton Amsterdam
1992 Robert D. Crawford
1990 E. "Bud" Tarrson
1989 Sture Nyman
         P.I. Branemark
         Alice DeForest
1984 John M. Coady
         Sigmund S. Socransky
1983 E. Jean Pierson
1982 Jan Lindhe
1981 Hans Muhlemann
1979 Ernest H. Besch
         Thomas Lehner
1978 A. H. Melcher
1977 Harold J. Leonard
1976 L. D. Pankey
1975 Irwin D. Mandel
         Morton B. Stone
1974 Jens Waerhaug
1973 Marilyn Holmquist
1972 Helmut Zander
1971 Charles C. Bass
         Fermin Carranza, Sr
1970 Maynard K. Hine
         Robert G. Kesel
1969 Paul E. Boyle
         Robert W. Rule, Jr.
1967 Lester Burket
1966 Glen E. Millard
1965 Edgar D. Coolidge
         Gerald Leatherman
         Justin D. Towner
1964 Harry Garvin
         A. W. Ward
1962 Isador Hirschfeld
         William Mann
1960 M. D. Huff
         A. B. Riffle
1959 A. W. Bryan
1958 Olin Kirkland
1957 John 0. McCall
         Jesse L. Williams
1956 Arthur H. Merritt
         Carlos H. Schott
Prior to 1956
Harold K. Box
William J. Charters
Simon Eschelman
Bernard Gottlieb
Thomas B. Hartzell
N. S. Hoff
Paul Jeserich
C. N. Johnson
Andrew J. McDonagh
Grace R. Pulliam
Edward B. Spalding
Grace Rogers Spalding
Paul R. Stillman
Clarence Vaughan


The William J. Gies Award in Memory of Arthur Hastings Merritt is presented by the William J. Gies Foundation for the Advancement of Dentistry of the American Dental Education Association for outstanding contributions to the field of periodontology. Selection criteria

2020 Purnima Kumar
2019 Georgia K. Johnson
2018 Hom-Lay Wang
2017 Gary Armitage
2016 Michael S. Reddy
2015 Michael K. McGuire
2014 William V. Giannobile
2013 Thomas W. Oates
2012 Brian L. Mealey
2011 Ubele Van Der Velden
2010 Laurie K. McCauley
2008 Jan T. Lindhe
2008 Thomas E. Van Dyke
2007 David L. Cochran
2006 Stuart J. Froum
2005 Dennis P. Tarnow
2004 Ray C. Williams
2003 Martha Somerman
2002 Bruce L. Pihlstrom
2001 Terry D. Rees
2000 Fermin A. Carranza
1999 Steven Offenbacher
1998 Marjorie K. Jeffcoat
1997 Gary Greenstein
1996 James T. Mellonig
1995 Kenneth S. Kornman
1994 Russell J. Nisengard
1993 Jack G. Caton, Jr.
1992 Sture Nyman
1991 Paul Goldhaber
1990 Jorgen Slots
1989 Raul G. Caffesse
1988 Sebastian G. Ciancio
1987 Gerald M. Bowers
1986 Sigmund Socransky
1985 Helmut Zander
1984 Gerald M. Bowers
1983 Robert J. Genco
1982 Roy C. Page
1981 Max Listgarten
1980 Paul N. Baer
1979 Frank E. Beube
1978 Harald Löe
1977 John F. Prichard
1976 S. Sigmund Stahl
1975 D. Walter Cohen
1974 Erwin M. Schaffer
1973 Perry A. Ratcliff
1972 Timothy J. O'Leary
1971 Sigurd Ramfjord
1970 Irving Glickman
         Henry M. Goldman
1969 Joseph L. Bernier
1968 John 0. McCall
1967 Maynard K. Hine
1966 Harold J. Leonard
1965 Harry Lyons
1964 Edgar D. Coolidge


Presented to the year's most outstanding scientific published article with direct clinical relevance in periodontics. This award is sponsored by Quintessence Publishing. Selection criteria

2020 Dominy SS, Lynch C, Ermini F, Benedyk M, Marczyk A, et al. Porphyromonas gingivalis in Alzheimer's disease brains: Evidence for disease causation and treatment with small-molecule inhibitors. Sci Adv. 2019 Jan 23;5(1)
2019     Systemic effects of periodontitis treatment in patients with type 2 diabetes: a 12 month, singlecentre, investigator-masked, randomised trial. Lancet Diabetes Endocrinol. 2018 Dec;6(12):954-965. By D'Aiuto F, Gkranias N, Bhowruth D, Khan T, Orlandi M, Suvan J, Masi S, Tsakos G, Hurel S, Hingorani AD, Donos N, Deanfield JE; TASTE Group
2018     Risk indicators for Perio-implantitis. A cross-selectional study with 916 implants. Clin Oral Implants Res. 2017 Feb;28(2):144-150. By H.R. Dalago, G. Schuldt Filho, M.A. Rodrigues, S. Renvert, M.A. Bianchini
2017     A randomized, controlled, multicenter clinical trial of post-extraction alveolar ridge preservation. J Clin Periodontol 2016 Dec;43(12):1188-1199. By E.T. Scheyer, R. Heard, J. Janakievski, G. Mandelaris, M. Nevins, S. Pickering, C. Richardson, B. Pope, G. Toback, D. Velasques, H. Nagursky
2016     Update on Prevalence of Periodontitis in Adults in the United States: NHANES 2009 to 2012. J Periodontol. 2015 May;86(5):611-622. By P. Eke, B. Dye, L. Wei, G. Slade, G. Thornton-Evans, W. Borgnakke, G. Taylor, R. Page, J. Beck, R. Genco
2015     An evidence-based scoring index to determine the periodontal prognosis on molars. J Periodontol. 2014 Feb;85(2):214-25. By P. Miller, M. McEntire, N. Marlow, R. Gellin
2014     Patient stratification for preventive care in dentistry. J Dent Res. 2013 Aug;92(8):694-701: William V. Giannobile, Thomas M. Braun, Anna Caplis, Lynne Doucette-Stamm, Gordon Duff, Kenneth S. Kornman
2013   CDC Periodontal Disease Surveillance Workgroup: Prevalence of periodontitis in adults in the United States: 2009 and 2010. By James D. Beck, Wenche S. Borgnakke, Gordon L. Douglass, Bruce A. Dye, Paul Eke, Robert J. Genco, Roy C. Page, Gary Slade, George W. Taylor, Gina Thornton-Evans, Liang Wei. J Dent Res. 2012 Oct; 91(10):914-20.
2012  Periodontal regeneration versus extraction and prosthetic replacement of teeth severely compromised by attachment loss to the apex: 5-year results of an ongoing randomized clinical trial. By P. Cortellini, G. Stalpers, A. Mollo, M.S. Tonetti. J Clin Periodontol. 2011 Oct;38(10):915-24.
2011 A cohort study on the association between periodontal disease and the development of metabolic syndrome. By T. Morita, Y. Yamazaki, A. Mita, K. Takada, M. Seto, N. Nishinoue, Y. Sasaki, M. Motohashi, M. Maeno. J Periodontol. 2010;81(4):512-9.
2010 Evaluation of Human Recession Defects Treated with Coronally Advanced Flaps and either Purified Recombinant Human Platelet-derives Growth Factor-BB with Beta Tricalcium Phosphate or Connective Tissue: A Histologic and Microcomputed Tomographic Examination. By M.K. McGuire, E.T. Scheyer, M. Nevins, and P. Schupbach; International Journal of Periodontics and Restorative Dentistry January 2009.
2009 Results from the Periodontitis and Vascular Events (PAVE) Study: A Pilot Multicentered, Randomized, Controlled Trial to Study Effects of Periodontal Therapy in a Secondary Prevention Model of Cardiovascular Disease. By S. Offenbacher, J.D. Beck, K. Moss, L. Mendoza, D.W. Paquette, D.A. Barrow, D.J. Couper, D.D. Steward, K.L. Falkner, S.P. Graham, S. Grossi, J.C. Gunsolley, T. Madden, G. Maupome, M. Trevisan, T.E. Van Dyke, R.J. Genco. J Periodontol 2009;80(2):190-201.
2008 Periodontal disease at the biofilm-gingival interface. By S. Offenbacher, S.P. Barros, R.E. Singer, K. Moss, R.C. Williams, J.D. Beck. J Periodontol. 2007 Oct;78(10):1911-25.
2007 Treatment of periodontal disease and the risk of preterm birth. By B.S. Michalowicz, J.S. Hodges, A.J. DiAngelis, V.R. Lupo, M.J. Novak, J.E. Ferguson, W. Buchanan, J. Bofill, P.N. Papapanou, O.A. Mitchell, S. Matseoane, P.A. Tschida; N Engl J Med 2006 Nov 2;355: 1885-1894.
2006 Fetal immune response to oral pathogens and risk of preterm birth. By K.A. Boggess, K. Moss, P. Madianos, A.P. Murtha, J. Beck, and S. Offenbacher. Am J Obstet Gynecol 2005 Sep;193:1121-6.
2005 Periodontitis and systemic inflammation: Control of the local infection is associated with a reduction in serum inflammatory markers. By F. D’Aiuto, M. Parkar, G. Andreou, J. Suvan, P. M. Brett, D. Ready, M. S. Tonetti. J Dent Res 2004 Feb;83(2):156-160
2004 Maternal periodontal disease is associated with an increased risk for preeclampsia. By KA Boggess, S Lieff, AP Murtha, K Moss, J Beck, and S Offenbacher. Obstetrics & Gynecology 2003; 101(2):227-31.
2003 The Effect of Apically Repositioned Flap Surgery on Clinical Parameters and the Composition of the Subgingival Microbiota: 12-Month Data. By RM Levy, WV Giannobile, M Feres, AD Haffajee, S Smith, and SS Socransky. International Journal of Periodontics and Restorative Dentistry; 2002;22:209-219.
2002 A Comparative Study Utilizing Open Flap Debridement wWith and Without Enamel Matrix Derivative in the Treatment of Periodontal Intrabony Defects: A 12-month Re-entry Study.. By Froum SJ, Weinberg MA, Rosenberg E, and Tarnow D. J Periodontol 2001;72:25-34.
2001 Evidence of a Substantial Genetic Basis for Risk of Adult Periodontitis. By Michalowicz BS, Diehl SR, Gunsolley JC, Sparks BS, Brooks CN, Koertge TE, Califano JV, Burmeister JA, and Schenkein HA. J Periodontol 2000; 1699-1707.
2000 Influence of estrogen and osteopenia/osteoporosis on clinical periodontitis in postmenopausal women. By Reinhardt RA, Payne JB, Maze, CA, Patil KD, Gallagher SJ, and Mattson JS. J Periodontol 1999; 70:823-828.
1999 Implants in regenerated bone: Long-term survival. By Nevins M, Mellonig JT, Clem DS, Reiser GM, and Buser DA. Int J Periodontics Restorative Dent 1998;18:34-45.
1998 Treatment of periodontal disease in diabetics reduces glycated hemoglobin. By Grossi SG, Skrepcinski FB, DeCaro T, Robertson DC, Ho AW, Dunford RG, Genco RJ. J Periodontol 1997;68:713-719.
1997 Prognosis versus actual outcome. II. The effectiveness of clinical parameters in developing an accurate prognosis. By McGuire MD and Nunn ME. J Periodontol 67:658-665, 1996.
Prognosis versus actual outcome. Ill. The effectiveness of clinical parameters in developing an accurate prognosis. By McGuire MD and Nunn ME. J Periodontol 67:658-665, 1996.
1996 Bacterial Resistance Following Subgingival and Systemic Administration of Minocycline. By Preus HR, Lassen J, Aass AM, and Ciancio SG. J Clin Periodontol 22:380-384, 1995.
1995 Periodontal Therapy in Young Adults with Severe Generalized Periodontitis. By Gunsolley JC, Zambon JJ, Schenkein C, Brooks CN and Kaugars CC. J Periodontol 65:268-273, 1994.
Gunsolley JC, Zambon JJ, Mellott CA, Brooks CN and Kaugars CC. Maintenance Therapy in Young Adults with Severe Generalized Periodontitis. J Periodontol 65:274-279, 1994.
1994 Evidence for Cigarette Smoking as a Major Risk Factor for Periodontitis. By Haber J, Wattles J, Crowley M, Mandell RL, Joshipura K and Kent RL. J Periodontol 64:16-23, 1993.
1993 Refractory Periodontitis Associated with Abnormal Polymorphonuclear Leukocyte Phagocytosis and Cigarette Smoking. By MacFarlane GD, Herzbeg MC, Wolff LF and Hardie NA. J Periodontol 63:908-913, 1992.
1992 Progression of Probing Attachment Loss in Adult Periodontitis. By Jeffcoat M and Reddy MS. J Periodontol 62:185-189, 1991.
1990 Histologic Evaluation of New Attachment Apparatus Formation in Humas, Part I, II, III. By Bowers G, Chadroff B, Carnevale R, Mellonig J, Corio R, Emerson J, Stevens M and Romberg E. J Periodontol 6O:664-693,1989.
1989 A Longitudinal Study Comparing Scaling, Osseous Surgery and Modified Widman Procedures. Results After One Year. By Becker W, Becker BE, Ochsenbein C, Kerry G, Caffesse R, Morrison EC, and Prichard J. J Periodontol 59:351-365, 1988.
1988 Salt and Peroxide Compared With Conventional Oral Hygiene - I. Clinical Results. By Pihlstrom BL, Wolff LF, Bakdash MB, Schaffer EM, Jensen Jr. JR, Aeppli DM, and Bandt CL. J Periodontol 58:291-300, 1987.
Salt and Peroxide Compared With Conventional Oral Hygiene -II. Microbial Results. By Wolff LF, Pihlstrom BL, Bakdash MB, Schaffer EM, Jensen Jr. JR, Aeppli DM, and Bandt CL. J Periodontol 58:301-307,1987.
Salt and Peroxide Compared With Conventional Oral Hygiene - Ill. Patient Compliance and Acceptance. By Bakdash MB, Wolff LF, Pihlstrom BL, Aeppli DM, and Bandt CL. J Periodontol 58:308-313, 1987.
1987 Failure of a Microbial Assay to Reliably Predict Disease Recurrence in a Treated Periodontist Population Receiving Regularly Scheduled Prophylaxis. By Listgarten MA, Schifter CC, Sullivan P, George C, and Rosenberg ES. J Clin Periodontol 13:768-773, 1986.
1986 A Longitudinal Evaluation of Varying Width of Attached Gingiva. By Kennedy JE, Bird WC, Palcanis KG, and Dorfman HS. J Clin Periodontol 12:667, 1985.
1985 Periodontal Treatment Without Maintenance: A Retrospective Study in 44 Patients. By Becker W. J Periodontol 55:505, 1984.
1984 Effect of Periodontal Trauma on Intrabony Pockets. By Polson AM. J Periodontol 54:586, 1983.


Presented to the year's most outstanding scientific published article on periodontal regeneration in the basic or clinical sciences. This award is sponsored by the AAP Foundation. Selection criteria

2020 Petsos H, Ratka-Krüger P, Neukranz E, Raetzke P, Eickholz P, Nickles K. Intrabony defects 20 years after open flap debridement and guided tissue regeneration. J Clin Periodontol. 2019;46(5):552-563.
2019 Human intrabony defect regeneration with micrografts containing dental pulp stem cells: A randomized controlled clinical trial. J Clin Periodontol. 2018 Jul;24(7):841-850. By Ferrarotti F, Romano F, Gamba MN, Quirico A, Giraudi M, Audagna M, Aimetti M
2018 Periodontal regeneration compared with access flap surgery in human intra-bony defects 20-year follow-up of a randomized clinical trial: tooth retention, periodontitis recurrence and costs. J Clin Periodontol. 2017 Jan;44(1):58-66. doi: 10.1111/jcpe.12638. Epub 2016 Nov 22. P. Cortellini, J. Buti, G. Pini Prato, M.S. Tonetti.
2017 A Randomized Clinical Trial Evaluating rh-FGF-2/βTCP in Periodontal Defects. J Dent Res 2016 May; 95(5):523-30. D. Cochran, T.J. Oh, M. Mills, D. Clem, P. McClain, R. Schallhorn, M. McGuire, E.T. Scheyer, W. Giannobile, M. Reddy, R. Abou-Arraj, P. Vassilopoulos, R. Genco, N. Geurs, A. Takemura
2016     Periodontal Regeneration- Intrabony Defects: A Systematic Review from the AAP Regeneration Workshop J Periodontol. 2015 Feb;86(2-s):S77-S104. By R. Kao, S. Nares, M. Reynolds
2015     Intrabony defects, open-flap debridement, and decortication: a randomized clinical trial. J Periodontol. 2014 Jan;85(1):34-42. By A. Crea, G. Deli, C. Littarru, C. Lajolo, G. Vittorini Orgeas, D. Tatakis
2014     Platelet-derived growth factor promotes periodontal regeneration in localized osseous defects: 36-month extension results from randomized controlled, double-masked clinical trial. J Periodontol. 2013 Apr;84(4):456-64: Myron Nevins, Robert J. Genco, William V. Giannobile, James E. Hinrichs, Richard T. Kao, Samuel E. Lynch, Bradley S. McAllister, Pamela K. McClain, Michael K. McGuire, Dr. Marc K. Nevins, Michael S. Reddy
2013   Clinical performance of access flap surgery in the treatment of the intrabony defect. A systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized clinical trials. By Graziani F, Gennai S, Cei S, Cairo F, Baggiani A, Miccoli M, Gabriele M, Tonetti M. J Clin Periodontol. 2012 Feb;39(2):145-56.
2012   120 infrabony defects treated with regenerative therapy: long-term results. By M. Silvestri, G. Rasperini, and S. Milani. J Periodontol. 2011 May;82(5):668-75.
2011   Periodontal healing following reconstructive surgery: effect of guided tissue regeneration using a bioresorbable barrier device when combined with autogenous bone grafting. A randomized-controlled trial 10-year follow-up. By P. Nygaard-Østby, V. Bakke, O. Nesdal, C. Susin, and U.M. Wikesjö. J Clin Periodontol. 2010;37(4):366-73.
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Named in honor of Dr. Balint Orban, a member of the Academy who was influential in developing the scientific foundations of contemporary periodontics, this competition is open to students currently enrolled in accredited periodontal programs in the United States and Canada or those who graduated less than 18 months ago. Eight finalists, selected on the basis of written abstracts, are invited to present oral presentations at each Annual Meeting. Selection criteria

2020 Kevin Byrd (Basic Science)
         Lorenzo Tavelli (Clinical Science)
2019 Sing-Wai Wong (Basic Science)
         Brittney Ferguson (Clinical Science)
2018 Ning Yu (Basic Science)
         Katherine Roll (Clinical Science)
2017 Khaled Altabtbaei (Basic Science)
         Fatemeh Momen-Heravi (Clinical Science)
2016 Juan Rodriguez (Basic Science)
        Sukirth Ganesan (Clinical Science)
2015 Ahmed El-Awady (Basic Science)
        Satish Kumar (Clinical Science)
2014 Marcelo Freire (Basic Science)
         Eboné Jordan (Clinical Science)
2013 Jennifer Bain (Basic Science)
         Bradley Weinstein (Clinical Science)
2012 Samir Shah (Basic Science)
         Shaoping Zhang (Clinical Science)
2011 David Peto (Basic Science)
         Sivaraman Prakasam (Clinical Science)
2010 Matthew Chan (Basic Science)
         Thiago Morelli (Clinical Science)
2009 Antonino Crivello (Basic Science)
         Jill Bashutski (Clinical Science)
2008 Herman Thang (Basic Science)
         Alexander Schrott (Clinical Science)
2007 Michael Ryan Franzman (Basic Science)
         Jason D. Johnson (Clinical Science)
2006 Jill E. Rogers (Basic Science)
         Scott M. Dowell (Clinical Science)
2005 Dwight L. Johnson (Basic Science)
         David M. Kim (Clinical Science)
2004 Sandra Chong (Basic Science)
         Purnima S. Kumar (Clinical Science)
2003 Vinay M. Bhide (Basic Science)
         Mamdouh Karima (Clinical Science)
2002 Elizabeth Tandy (Basic Science)
         Nadine Brodala (Clinical Science)
2001 Vana Andreou
2000 Kanokwan Nisapakultorn
1999 Rakhi Sinha Morton
1998 Paul J. Ezzo
1997 Yvonne L. Kapila
1996 Alan J. Moritz
1995 William V. Giannobile
1994 Michael S. Williamson
1993 Scott S. Manhart
1992 Kevin T. Underwood
1991 David J. Trylovich
1990 R. Lamont MacNeil
1989 Brian Mealey
1988 Bryan S. Michalowicz
1987 Francis G. Serio
1986 Charlene B. Krejci
1985 Philip J. Hanes
1984 Michael P. Rethman
1983 John E. Duckworth
1982 Jon B. Suzuki
1981 Thomas E. Van Dyke
1980 Jeffrey Gordon
         Robert Mandell
1979 Jane M. Jensen
1978 Eugene T. Altiere
1977 Dennis H. Smith
1976 Mark R. Patters
1975 Michael G. Newman
1974 David Movius
1973 Robert D. Kiger
1972 Robert E. Lamb
1971 Leonard Shapiro
1970 Steven E. Berglund
1969 Russell J. Nisengard
         Richard R. Ranney
1968 Robert L. Burns
1967 Harold Grupe, Jr.
         Patrick J. Murphy
1966 Jacob Valderhaug
         Charles M. Cobb
1965 Manuel H. Marks
1964 Peter Sharer
         Misbar A. Diab
1963 Samuel Adams
         James R. Easley


The Research Forum provides a platform for clinical and basic research to be presented by those in the field of periodontics. Finalists selected on the basis of written abstracts are invited to present their posters at each Annual Meeting. Selection criteria

2020 Jessica Latimer (Clinical Impact and Clinical Science)
         Linda Wang Lam (Basic Science)
2019 Eswar Kandaswamy (Clinical Impact and Clinical Science)
         Wichurat Sakulpaptong (Basic Science)
2018 Soma Esmailian Lari (Clinical Impact)
         Preston Alfred (Clinical Science)
         Ann Decker (Basic Science)
2017 Takanori Shinjo (Basic Science)
         Sukirth Ganesan (Clinical Science)
         Yun Wang (Clinical Impact)
2016 Siavash Hassanpour (Basic Science and
         Clinical Impact)
         Luciana Safioti (Clinical Impact)
         Julie Sutton (Clinical Science)
2015 Mabelle Monteiro (Clinical Impact)
         Georgios Kotsakis (Clinical Science)
         Chin-Wei Wang (Basic Science)
2014 Kenji Matsushita (Clinical Impact)
         Matthew Mason (Clinical Science)
         Kenji Matsushita (Basic Science)
2013 Sherin Merchant (Clinical Impact)
         Sari Hershenfield (Clinical Science)
         Emiko Saito (Basic Science)
2012 Sean Connolly (Clinical Impact)
         Alessandro Geminiani (Clinical Science)
         Kanako Nagatomo (Basic Science)
2011 Kazuhiro Okuda (Clinical Impact)
         Rodrigo López (Clinical Science)
         Po-Chun Chang (Basic Science)
2010 Gustavo Garlet (Clinical Impact)
         Christina Park (Clinical Science)
         Azusa Yamada (Basic Science)
2009 John Decker (Clinical Impact)
         Naoyuki Sugano (Clinical Science)
         Hidetoshi Shimauchi (Basic Science)
2008 Megumi Inomata (Clinical Impact)
         Richard A Reinhardt (Clinical Science)
         Tomoyuki Kawase (Basic Science)

ABP Leslie M. Salkin Achievement Award

This Award is presented by the American Board of Periodontology in honor of former ABP Director, Dr. Leslie M. Salkin, who contributed to the development of the ABP oral examinations up until his passing in 2013. The Achievement Award was developed by the ABP Board to honor the Diplomate who receives the highest score on the oral exam.

2019 Craig Hofferber
2018 Arif Salman Abdul Shakore


This unique honor is given at each dental school to the graduating senior who displays the highest level of academic and clinical achievement related to periodontics. The award is underwritten by a generous grant from the Procter and Gamble Company. Current award recipients


This award is presented to the periodontal educator at each school who has demonstrated a commitment to excellence in providing education in the full scope of periodontics, and relays that enthusiasm to students. Current award recipients


Presented in recognition of distinguished service to the Academy over a period of 20 years or more (replaced in 2009 by the Distinguished Service Award).

2008 Milton Palat
2007 Vincent J. Iacono
2006 Kent G. Palcanis
2005 Kenneth W. Bueltmann
2004 Michael K. McGuire
2003 Robert G. Schallhorn
2002 Michael G. Newman
2001 Robert T. Ferris
2000 S. Timothy Rose
1999 Sebastian G. Ciancio
1998 Leonard S. Tibbetts 1997 James T. Mellonig
1996 J. Gary Maynard, Jr.
1995 Stephen F. Goodman
1994 William Becker
1993 Henry M. Swenson
1992 Robert Gottsegen
1991 Henry M. Goldman
1990 Timothy J. O'Leary
1989 William C. Hurt
1988 Frank Beube
1987 Maynard K. Hine


Given in recognition of distinguished service to the Academy for a period of at least 10 years (replaced in 2009 by the Distinguished Service Award).

2008 Frank A. Lasley, III
2007 Paul A. Levi
         Cheryl L. Townsend
         Barry D. Wagenberg
2006 H. Stan Ford
         Esther M. Wilkins
2005 John H. Kobs
         Gary M. Reiser
         Leslie M. Salkin
2004 Elmer C. Patterson
         Brian L. Mealey
         Rowland A. Hutchinson
2003 Everett B. Hancock
         Stephen K. Harrel
         Michael K. McGuire
2002 William F. Ammons
         H. Dalton Conner
         Edwin S. Rosenberg
2001 Michael G. Newman
         Terry D. Rees
         Edward F. Sugarman
2000 Richard E. Bradley
         Robert T. Ferris
         Gary Greenstein
1999 Lloyd K. Croft
         Carole N. Hildebrand
         Kent G. Palcanis
1998 Donald F. Adams
         Joseph E. Gian-Grasso
         William W. Hallmon
1997 Gary C. Armitage
         James R. Easley
         Leonard S. Tibbetts
1996 Michael Bartlett (posthumous) 
         Paul Tannenbaum
         Ronald L. VanSwol
1995 Jack G. Caton, Jr.
         Philip M. Hoag (posthumous)
         Ted M. Nakata
1994 O. Walter Donnenfeld
         Roland M. Meffert
         S. Jerome Zackin
1993 William B. Gillette
         Gloria James Kerry
         S. Timothy Rose
1992 Arnold A. Ariaudo
         Stanley P. Hazen
         J. Gary Maynard, Jr.
1991 Walter T. McFall
         Harry Staffileno, Jr.
         Richard D. Wilson
1990 G. Revis Butler, Jr.
         William H. Dahlberg
         Myron Nevins
1989 Robert W. Koch
         Kenneth B. Langley
         Roy C. Page
         1988 Leonard Hirschfeld
         Stephen F. Goodman
         Max Listgarten
1987 Russell A. McCallion
         Sebastian G. Ciancio
         Joseph Maybury
1986 B. Charles Bruce
         John S. Pfeifer
1985 Richard Chace, Sr.
          William Hiatt
1984 Herman Corn
         William C. Hurt
1983 Charles W. Finley
         S. Sigmund Stahl
1982 Erwin P. Barrington
         Abram I. Chasens
1981 Robert Gottsegen
         Sigurd P. Ramfjord
1980 Marvin M. Sugarman
         James A. Tobias
1979 Harold L. Meador
         James Y. O'Bannon
1978 Frank E. Beube
         Robert L. Reeves
1977 D. Walter Cohen
         Erwin M. Schaffer
1976 Claude L. Nabers
         Henry M. Swenson
1975 Frank Everett
         Timothy O'Leary
1974 Helmut Zander
1972 Howard Hartman
         Saul Schluger
1971 Irving Glickman
         John F. Prichard
1970 Charles H. M. Williams
         A. W. Wood
1969 Henry M. Goldman
         Walter Leabo
         Perry Ratcliffe
1968 Stanley Baker
         B.O.A. Thomas
1967 Donald A. Kerr
1966 James Hollars
1965 Maynard K. Hine
1963 Robert Kesel
1962 James F. Aiguier
1961 M. Monte Bettman
1960 Roy 0. Elam
1959 Harry Lyons
1958 Balint J. Orban
         Samuel Parks
1956 Dickson G. Bell
Prior to 1956
Harold K. Box
Edgar D. Coolidge
William J. Gies
Bernard Gottlieb
Isador Hirschfield
Herbert J. Hood
Olin Kirkland
Rudolph Kronfeld
Austin F. James
Raymond E. Johnson
Harold J. Leonard
John 0. McCall
Arthur H. Merritt
John D. Patterson
Celia Rich
Carlos H. Schott
James A. Sinclair
Grace Rogers Spalding
Paul R. Stillman
Justin D. Towner


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