A Bird’s Eye View of Your AAP Benefits

AAP members are a part of more than 8,200 individuals who share one common goal: to use their talents and training to improve the periodontal health of the public.

Whether you’re in practice or academia, whether you live and work in Manhattan or Montana, whether you’re a musician or mountain climber during off-hours, you’re among friends at the AAP. We urge you to make the most of your membership. Learn. Volunteer. Share. Enjoy.


One of the most valued benefits of Academy membership is the collegiality it offers. When you’re chatting with a fellow attendee at a meeting, discussing a challenging case in our online member community, or picking up practice management tips from a peer in Periospectives, you are tapping into the AAP’s greatest resource—its members.

Get involved. Learn from others. Share your experiences. Develop lifelong relationships. This is YOUR organization. There are many ways to build your professional community.

  • Attend AAP conferences. The best information you learn may be during a coffee break or reception.
  • Join a discussion in AAP Connect, the Academy’s online member community.
  • Include a photo and bio in your online profile. Add other members as contacts and create your own network of expertise and support. You can even access our member directory from your mobile devices.
  • Join the AAP on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Whether the interaction is face-to-face or virtual, it’s the personal connection that distinguishes your Academy from other groups. A shared purpose.  A dedication to patient care. A thirst for science.


Members often comment that the “science” is what attracted them to the specialty. As periodontists, we all share a passion for scientific discovery and a willingness to adapt our treatments when research supports a new way of improving our patients’ oral health. Regeneration. Implants. Periodontal plastic surgery. Tissue engineering. These are just a few advancements we have embraced, and we’re always poised for that next frontier.

Your Academy supports you in your quest for knowledge and keeps you on the cutting edge.

  • Annual Meetings and other conferences offer unparalleled education from the best of the best in periodontics. 
  • The Journal of Periodontology keeps you in the loop on emerging research while Clinical Advances in Periodontics gives you practical information you can use immediately with patients and referring dentists.
  • The Academy enjoys close liaisons with other dental and scientific organizations. We’re continually at the table, representing periodontics in the broader healthcare arena, and it’s these collaborations that lead to discovery. For instance, our multiyear efforts with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) yielded a more accurate figure for periodontal disease prevalence among U.S. adults: almost 50%! These data confirmed what we already suspected and gave us a serious public health message to take to the nearly 65 million Americans affected.

The Academy helps you translate research into effective therapy so you can paint an accurate picture for your patients.


Today we’re expected to work faster, achieve more, stay ahead of the curve. And information drives what we do. It affects how we plan our treatment and whether our patients follow through. It determines whether our referral sources turn to us, do the work themselves, or send patients across town to another practitioner.

Your Academy provides the support you need to advertise your skills to the public, other healthcare providers, and the patients in your chair.

Take advantage of the communication tools available to you as an AAP member. Help others see you as the health professional they can depend on!


Everyone appreciates a good value and AAP members are no exception. You became a periodontist to perfect your craft and improve your patients’ quality of life. It’s not just a “business” for you; it’s your passion. But you can’t ignore the economics associated with running a practice.

We always look for ways to make your dues dollar stretch as far as it will go. We provide resources that support your professional growth and optimize your practice potential without breaking your bank. AAP membership is a good deal, and we offer a good deal more than you may be aware.

Take a close look at your member benefits. Spend some time on our website. Read about products and services highlighted in Periospectives. You’ll never find yourself out in the cold as an Academy member. Let us know how we can add more membership value and keep you at the pinnacle of your career.


You’ve already proven you have the dedication it takes for success. You haven’t taken the easy educational road. You’ve chosen to be a specialist in your field. Now is your chance to distinguish yourself even further. Let your Academy be the catalyst that propels you forward to an enriching career.

Don’t wait to be asked. Seize the opportunity. Be a frontrunner. Slow and steady doesn’t necessarily win the race in this profession. You have a lot to offer. Get involved. Help create a stronger AAP.


A body at rest tends to stay at rest; a body in motion tends to stay in motion. Newton was not thinking about periodontics when he formulated his first law of motion, but it still applies to the evolution of our specialty. We have not advanced by remaining static. And the Academy is your best advocate for your future.

  • We protect your right to practice to the full scope of your specialty by monitoring our educational standards and proposing changes that reflect the evolving practice of periodontics.
  • The Academy ensures that students are properly trained to become your future partners, hosting workshops for educators and developing the In-Service Exam used by periodontal programs to evaluate their curricula.
  • The AAP encourages careers in periodontics by participating in trade shows, coordinating Lunch ’N ’Learn programs, and offering dental students access to our resource-rich website.
  • On a local level, the AAP works with its State and Regional Assembly to keep abreast of grassroots issues.
  • On a national level, the AAP meets regularly with the American Dental Association and the other dental specialties to solidify our position as the “go-to” source for issues related to periodontics.

We are more than 8,200 strong and you have just made us one stronger. You now have a collective voice. Your Academy is here to protect your future—and you are the AAP’s future.

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