Nova Southeastern University

Application and curriculum information about this dental school's postdoctoral program in periodontics.
Address: College of Dental Medicine
3200 South University Dr.
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33328
Chair Saynur Vardar-Sengul, DDS, PhD
Postdoctoral Director Theofilos Koutouzis, DDS, MS
Predoctoral Director

John Virag, DMD, MS

Dean Steven Kaltman
Nova Southeastern University participates in the Postdoctoral Dental Matching Program for Periodontics
Application Deadline: September 2
Application Fee: PASS + $50
Start Date: July 1
Accreditation Status: A - Approval Without Reporting Requirements
Number of Faculty Members: 9 full time, 12 part time, 15 visiting lecturers (11 are diplomates)
Accept students not trained in a US or Canadian dental school?: yes
Length of Program in months: 36
State License Required: no
Degrees/Certificates Offered: certificate, MS optional
Prerequisites: TOEFL, dental degree (before start of program), 3 letters of recommendation, class rank
Tuition per year: $40,000
Instruments & Equipment: $4,000
Salary and/or Stipend: GME, if available
First Year Enrollment: 4
Ratio of Acceptances to Applicants: 4:50
Specific Training and Duration of each in hours: Specific training and duration of each in hours (clinical/didactic): pathology 24; nitrous oxide 10
Hours spent in Clinical patient treatment: 60% of total program, 25-2700 hours
Type of Implant System Taught: 3 systems
Number of Implant Cases Completed per Residency: 75 (~200 implants)
Percent of Time spent in courses/lectures/seminars: 25%
Percent of Time spent in research: 3%
Percent of Time spent in clinical: 65%
Percent of Time spent in teaching: 7%
Clinical Setting: dental school
Associated Hospitals: n/a
On-Call Arrangements: yes
Average Number of Surgical Procedures per residency (excluding implants): 200
Average Number of Cases completed per residency: 70
Research Requirements: clinical
Residency Programs available in other Dental Specialties: endodontics, prosthodontics, orthodontics, pediatric dentistry, oral surgery

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