Academy Announces Election Results

Results are in for the AAP 2024 election. The individuals below will begin their terms after the 2024 Annual Meeting. There was a 27.63% participation rate, compared to a 29.67% rate in 2023.

The results are as follows:

American Academy of Periodontology


Richard Nagy – Secretary/Treasurer

President Elect Maria (Mia) L. Geisinger will succeed to the Presidency, Vice President Ana Becil Giglio to the office of President Elect, and Secretary-Treasurer Kristi Soileau to the office of Vice President.

District 1- Stephen Morse
District 2- Mark Reynolds*
District 3- Jennifer Doobrow
District 4- Catherine Bishop*
District 5- Natalie Frost*
District 6- Mark Fagan
District 6- Dee Nishimine

Officer Nominating Committee
District 2- Hanae Saito+
District 3- James G. Wilson
District 6- Thomas Kepic

Nominating Committee for the American Board of Periodontology
District 3- Karin Schey
District 4- Robert Eber

American Board of Periodontology

Mary Neill
Dimitris Tatakis

*Re-Elected  / + two-year term

For More Information

Questions about AAP nominations and elections can be directed to:

Jodi Sassana
Senior Manager, Governance and Executive Affairs at 312-573-3265 or [email protected]

For commonly asked questions, please refer to the following FAQ document: