Overview of AAP Connect

AAP Connect is the exclusive, members-only community for AAP members. 

Key Features - Profile, networks allow you to connect with other members, communities, and library features; directory helps you locate members; calendar shows the meetings for AAP and periodontal societies; Glossary of Periodontal Terms is our Academy glossary provided in a wiki format.

AAP Connect FAQ's

My Profile

  • Contact info is pulled from the AAP membership database
  • You can upload a photo, add a bio or professional associations, and identify areas of professional interest
  • You can create contacts, access your communities, and locate other members through networks, e.g., see other members who graduated from your perio training program


  • Open Forum is the all-member community and virtual place to have discussion with other AAP members from all over the world. Open Forum is where you can post a patient case, make a comment on another member's posting, share an article, or pose a general question to the membership. Any documents you share will be automatically archived in the Open Forum library, making it easy to locate for later reference.
  • State Community – allows AAP members within a state to communicate and share resources. You can post discussion items or resources that will be available to all members in your state.
  • AAP Committees and Task Forces will have communities to support communication and work.


  • Access other members’ profiles, add them as a contact, send them a message


  • Locate information on conferences and meetings.
  • Members and regional or state periodontal society staff can post information about meetings those organizations are hosting


  • The Task Force to Update the Glossary worked with volunteer postdoctoral periodontal programs to update the Glossary of Periodontal Terms.
  • Please participate in the updating and ongoing maintenance of the Glossary process by posting comments or links to resources relevant to terms
  • The AAP In-service Examination Committee will monitor comments and address terms that require attention, and update the Glossary


  • Community libraries – repository of resources posted to a state community
  • Member resources – topical libraries house members-only resources which can be downloaded
  • Open Forum library – repository or clinical cases posted by members


Members Only Content: 
Not Member Only