The Academy's ADA Liaison

Overview of the activities of the Academy and its members within the American Dental Association (ADA).

A unified voice regarding Academy views is essential to increasing the visibility within the dental community and the public. Reaching out and creating a dialogue with organizations such as the American Dental Association and AAP members who serve as delegates and alternates to the ADA House of Delegates is an important step. Now the Academy has expanded its outreach to include liaison relationships with leaders on ADA councils, commissions, and committees and others within the tripartite system on issues of interest to the Academy.

ADA councils, commissions, and committees prepare a large percent of the groundwork that results in new association policy, broadly impacting the practice of dentistry. Based on the potential impact upon the Academy and/or its members, the scope of influence of the groups, and the responsibilities of the ADA councils, commissions and committees, the Academy will focus its liaison activities with the following entities:

  • Council on Dental Benefit Programs: Formulates the procedural and diagnostic codes for dentistry.
  • Council on Dental Education and Licensure: Recognizes specialty areas of dental practice.
  • Council on Dental Practice: Gathers, formulates, and disseminates information related to auxiliary utilization, management, and employment practices and encourages and develops satisfactory relations with the various organizations representing dental auxiliaries.
  • Council on Government Affairs: Formulates and recommends policies related to legislative and regulatory issues and disseminates the information to the ADA constituent and component societies.
  • Council on Scientific Affairs: Represents the ADA on scientific and research matters and maintains liaison with related regulatory, research, and professional organizations.
  • Commission on Dental Accreditation: Formulates and approves accreditation standards by which specialty programs, dental schools, and dental auxiliary programs are evaluated.

Fortunately, the Academy already has established relationships with members and staff of some of these groups. The Academy’s ADA Liaison Committee monitors the activities of these key groups.

Throughout the year, the ADA’s councils, commissions, and committees work to identify and address issues which have an impact on dentistry. The recommended actions can take the form of resolutions to the ADA House of Delegates, ADA’s governing body. The Academy’s more proactive involvement in the House process is one of the many ways the Academy is shaping the future practice of periodontics. Members have a chance to see the hard work of these groups through their reports of unofficial actions on the ADA website, and resolutions are available in late summer.

The Academy thanks members who participate on ADA councils, committees, and commissions. They deserve our gratitude for their commitment of time and effort on behalf of organized dentistry.

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