AAP Elections

Academy announces election results

Results are in for the AAP 2016 election. The individuals below will begin their terms after the 2016 Annual Meeting. There was a 38.42% participation rate, compared to a 42.47% rate in 2015.

American Academy of Periodontology Officers
Vice President Richard T. Kao
Secretary/Treasurer Bryan J. Frantz

President Elect Terrence J. Griffin will succeed to the Presidency and Vice President Steven R. Daniel to the office of President Elect.

American Academy of Periodontology District Trustees
District 1 Joseph G. Maloney*
District 2 Louis F. Rubino, Jr.*
District 3 John Russo
District 4 Edward H. Segal
  Stephen J. Meraw*
District 5 Stephen L. Bass*
District 6 Gerald I. Drury
District 7 Michael R. Breault
District 8 Jeffrey R. Wessel
Officer Nominating Committee
District 1 John R. Herrin
District 4 Peter O. Cabrera
District 7 Jack G. Caton
Nominating Committee for the American Board of Periodontology
District 1 Stephen G. Morse
District 2 Jonathan S. Friedman
American Board of Periodontology
Directors Robert M. Eber
  James A. Katancik

Congratulations to all these newly elected or reelected volunteers who will begin their terms after the 2016 Annual Meeting.

If you are interested in serving on the AAP Board of Trustees or holding a position on the Officer Nominating Committee or with the American Board of Periodontology, contact your District Trustees or attend your District Forum at the Annual Meeting. For those who wish to run for an officer position, the required paperwork must be submitted to the AAP by Aug. 31, 2016. Please visit Nominations and Elections for more information.


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