In Memoriam: Departed AAP Members

We honor these members of the American Academy of Periodontology known to have passed away and extend our sympathy and condolences to their families, colleagues and friends.

Death notices are posted as they are made available. In addition, special mention of deceased members' names are made during the General Assembly.

The AAP makes a contribution to the American Academy of Periodontology Foundation in their memory annually. Click here to give a memorial gift to the AAP Foundation for a deceased colleague.

Name Residence Deceased Date
Marjorie Jeffcoat, DMD, MA Haverford, PA 11/21/2020
Nicky Hakimi, DDS, MSD Auburn, CA 11/20/2020
Ronald L. Van Swol, DDS Fort Meyers, FL 11/13/2020
Roy C. Page, DDS Springfield, MO 10/29/2020
Sebastian G. Ciancio, DDS Snyder, NY 10/17/2020
Charles William Solt, DDS Hilliard, OH 10/7/2020
Robert T. Ferris, DDS, PhD Deltona, FL 10/1/2020
Morton L. Krumholz, DDS Austin, TX 8/1/2020
Benjamin Dienstein, DDS, MS San Francisco, CA 7/30/2020
Jeanne M. Salcetti, DDS, MS Colorado Springs, CO 7/28/2020
Charles F. DiFranco, DDS, MS Park Ridge, IL 7/15/2020
Charles L. Berman, DDS New York, NY 7/12/2020
Paul Wylan, DDS Sedona, AZ 7/7/2020
Russell A. Leve, DDS Toronto, ON 7/6/2020
Lloyd J. Hagedorn, DDS Bonita Springs, FL 5/26/2020
Lloyd K. Croft, DDS San Antonio, TX 4/20/2020
Carol N. Brownstein, DDS Seattle, WA 3/28/2020
Claude L. Nabers, DDS, MSD San Antonio, TX 3/17/2020
Scott A. Smith, DDS Merced, CA 1/12/2020
John V. Tanzilli, DMD Bronx, NY 12/30/2019
Raul Guillermo Caffesse, DDS Houston, TX 12/29/2019
Robert Campbell, DDS Richmond, TX 12/22/2019
Anthony W. Gargiulo, DDS Chicago, IL 12/20/2019
Nik V Pandya United Kingdom 12/1/2019
Babette Keucher Germany 12/2019
Carol J. Walters, DDS, MS Indianapolis, IN 11/2019
S. Timothy Rose, DDS Appleton, WI 9/24/2019
Craig Wilson, DDS, MSD Santa Rosa, CA 9/24/2019
Thomas Giusto, DDS Springfield, NJ 8/22/2019
Rex D. Anderson, BS, DDS Turlock, CA 7/14/2019
Paula L. Weistroffer, DDS, MS, FICD Iowa City, IA 7/1/2019
Norman D. Glasscock, DDS Yorktown, VA 6/2/2019
Arthur R. Vernino, DDS Houston, TX 5/17/2019
Joseph J. Lawrence Orlando, FL 5/4/2019
Dennis A. Shanelec, DDS Santa Barbara CA 4/15/2019
Alfred S. Goodman, DDS, MSD Houston, TX 4/4/2019
Patrick C. Haggerty, DDS Canfield, OH 3/14/2019
Robert J. Genco, DDS, PhD Buffalo, NY 3/6/2019
Marvin A. Tuckman, DDS Fair Lawn, NJ 2/6/2019
Michael E. Krause, DDS Ann Arbor, MI 1/26/2019
Terence Comar, DDS Portage, MI 1/2/2019
George J. Capaldi, DDS Schwenksville, PA 12/22/2018
Bryan P. Fitzgerald, DDS Reisterstown, MD 11/20/2018
Elliot W. Salloway, DMD Worcester, MA 10/31/2018
James O. Hix, DDS, MSD Cleveland, OH 8/11/2018
John V. Di Girolamo, DDS   8/6/2018
D Walter Cohen, DDS Philadelphia, PA 6/29/2018
Herbert Brilliant, DDS Philadelphia, PA 6/16/2018
Lars Heijl, DDS, PhD Sweden 5/2018
Walter J. Watson, Jr., DDS Jacksonville, FL 5/29/2018
Thomas J. Miller, DDS Powell, OH 5/10/2018
Ronald A. Monica, DDS New Orleans, LA 5/6/2018
S. Sigmund Stahl, DDS Singer Island, FL 5/5/2018
Robert C. Fazio, DMD Naples, FL 4/29/2018
Michael K. Brauer, DMD Oakland, NJ 4/6/2018
Craig Michael Gayton, DDS Washington, DC 2/4/2018
Edward L. Ball, Jr., DDS Cincinnati, OH 1/27/2018
Warren Harvey Marttala, DMD Kellogg, ID 1/15/2018
Herman Dale Tow, Jr., DDS Gainesville, FL 1/12/2018

The American Academy of Periodontology encourages its members to assist in providing timely, accurate information regarding the recent deaths of AAP members. To notify the AAP, contact Member Services at or mail:

American Academy of Periodontology
Membership Department
737 N Michigan Avenue, Suite 800
Chicago, IL 60611-6660

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