Volunteer Application

Members who complete the Volunteer Application will be added to a database of candidates for upcoming volunteer opportunities, including committee openings.

Please note that volunteer applications are due April 30th. Committee appointments will be announced following the August Board of Trustees meeting and will go into effect immediately following the Annual Meeting.

Making a Difference in Your Specialty

Do you have a special interest in science, test construction, dental benefits, or educational programming? Do you have the time and experience to help set the strategic direction for the specialty or to help address the challenges faced by you and your colleagues? The AAP relies on its Active and Life Active members to volunteer for a variety of roles, such as serving on committees or task forces, volunteering as an ad hoc content expert or participating in surveys, opinion polls and focus groups. Our goal is to match volunteers with a role that best suits their interests and experience. We have a Volunteer Registry, which is a list of members we may go to when we need volunteer assistance.

Please complete a Volunteer Application telling us about yourself, your experience and areas of interest. When we have need of volunteer expertise that fits your profile, we’ll contact you to see if you’d like to participate. Previous applicants should complete a new form to update our records.

We rely on the registry to help us identify candidates for upcoming volunteer opportunities, including openings on AAP committees and task forces.

For More Information

Questions about volunteer opportunities can be directed to:

Jodi Sassana
Manager of Governance
800-282-4867 or 312-787-5518

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