Based on feedback from program directors, the AAP’s Education Committee and a subgroup of volunteers have developed educational modules: high-quality periodontal educational content that can be integrated into a program curriculum or used as a study club. These modular courses, collectively known as AAP Education Access, may be particularly useful in programs that have few or no periodontists on faculty.

These gateways for access for dental students and periodontal residents will provide greater learning opportunities and introduce students to the value provided through the Academy and its leadership.

Four modules have been created for predoctoral and postdoctoral use:

The AAP Education Access modules were made possible with support from:


Developed by a workgroup led by Dr. Binnaz Leblebicioglu.

These modules have been prepared in PowerPoint presentations. One can study them by reading slides in order like regular lectures. However, they also intentionally do not follow traditional lecture format:

The text on each slide is hyperlinked to several other slides to read an in-depth review of the specific statement, question evidence, search for more literature, and go through a case presentation that is related to the content.

There are “back” and “next” link options incorporated within the case presentation and/or at the end of each subcategory to help the reader to go back to where they started following a review of the literature and/or a case discussion or, simply move to the next subcategory within the module.

The intent with these links is to create an interactive review of the material allowing the student to make case-specific decision and then, allow them to question their knowledge on evidence for the expected outcomes and to determine whether specific opted decisions were ideal for the specific case management.

Download: Module I: Top 12 Common Medications

Learning Objectives

  • Name medical conditions that are most likely seen in adults seeking dental care
  • Identify the most common medications used to treat these conditions
  • Identify the impact of these major medication classes on dental treatment

Download: Module II: Antibiotics and Host Modulators to Treat Periodontal Diseases

Learning Objectives

  • List the systemic antibiotics prescribed as an adjunct to periodontal therapy, Describe their mechanism and indications/contraindications.
  • Provide the rational for local antibiotic delivery treatment option as an adjunct to periodontal therapy, Describe the mechanism, indications/contraindications, advantages/limitations of local antibiotic delivery.
  • What is the critical benefit of including systemic and/or local antibiotics in threating periodontitis? Provide experimental evidence supporting their usage

Download: Module III: Oral Hygiene Products

Learning Objectives

  • Provide the rationale for using chemicals as adjuncts to mechanical biofilm control
  • List the currently well-known chemicals that assist with the control of dental biofilm
  • Describe the main mechanisms of action of the chemicals that promote dental biofilm control

Treatment for Patients with Disabilities

Developed by a workgroup led by Dr. Alexandra Tsigarida

The purpose of this online module is to provide an overview of the terminology and issues commonly encountered when addressing the dental needs of patients with disabilities and provide periodontal professionals with the necessary information to recognize and overcome the challenges related to the dental management of this patient population.

Download: Treatment for Patients with Disabilities

Learning objectives

  • Define patients with Disabilities/ Special Health Care Needs.
  • Identify barriers to periodontal health care faced by patients with disabilities.
  • List and discuss strategies for providing periodontal treatment and maintaining oral health to this population group.

Oral Medicine

Developed by a workgroup led by Dr. Angela Palaiologou-Gallis.

This module was developed to provide resources on current advances related to Oral Medicine. These short PowerPoint presentations provide a list of resources (articles, websites etc.), and case-based scenarios to allow the resident/viewer to practice with the new information they learned.

The presentations cover the topics on:

Download: COVID-19 Periodontal Practice During a Global Pandemic

Learning objectives:

  • Learn the history is COVID-19
  • Learn about the transmission of the virus
  • Understanding of the mutation of the virus

Download: Vaping and Peri-Implant Health

Learning objectives:

  • Outline the available data in the literature on the affect of e-cigarettes on periodontal and peri-implant health
  • Discuss recommendations regarding e-cigarette use in patients with periodontitis and peri-implant disease

Download: Orofacial Pain

Learning objectives:

  • Definition of pain
  • Types of pain in accordance the pathophysiology
  • To learn how sensory nerve fibers are stimulated and pain transmission

Download: MRONJ

Learning objectives:

  • Improve understanding of medication-related osteonecrosis of the jaw (MRONJ)
  • Describe MRONJ prevention and treatment strategies

Download: Cannabis and Periodontal Disease

Learning objectives:

  • Outline the available data in the literature on the effect of cannabis on periodontal health.
  • Offer discussion points to consider when treating patients.

Download: Smoking and Periodontal Disease

Learning objectives:

  • To become more familiar with the latest research on smoking and periodontal disease

Predoctoral Education Access

Drs. Nico Geurs and Binnaz Leblebicioglu of the Education Committee discuss the predoctoral AAP Education Access Modules.

Postdoctoral Education Access

Drs. Alexandra Tsigarida, Angela Palaiologou-Gallis, and Alon Frydman of the Education Committee discuss the postdoctoral AAP Education Access Modules.