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Despite the efforts of card brands, credit card fraud continues to grow through a variety of methods. The most popular method of fraud appears to be committed through skimming acts. Online sellers have become prime targets for fraud and have experienced a whopping 140% increase in credit card fraud over the past three years.

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You have probably recently heard about the Credit Card Competition Act. Bipartisan support for the Act has surged since it was introduced last year. It is important to note that this act is a proposed Act and not one that has become law. The Act was reintroduced in June in the House and Senate, after failing to gain enough traction for a vote in either chamber during the previous Congress.

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At first glance, being included on The MATCH List might seem like an opportunity to meet someone new on However, in credit card processing, no Merchant wants to find themselves on the Member Alert To Control High-Risk Merchants list, also known as The MATCH List. It’s also known as The Blacklist in Merchant Services.

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Business feedback comes in many different forms, including online reviews, customer surveys, employee opinions, suggestion boxes and even asking suppliers for feedback. Think of feedback as a report card for your business and use that data to focus on areas of your business that need improvement. Feedback helps businesses stay on track with growth goals, customer service delivery and the long-range future of your business.

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Associations can take advantage of using a payment link within the body of a member’s annual dues invoice. People have come to expect the ease of making payments with the click of a button and can become annoyed when it isn’t present and they have to take manual steps to renew their membership.

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The AAP and Crest + Oral-B are partnering to bring you a series of Perio Health posts to share with your patients. Download the images below and share them on your social media pages, and stay tuned for more from this series, running now through November.

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Sowingo, an AAP Perio Perks partner, has shared the following blog posts with AAP members. With Sowingo, periodontists can spend less time managing supplies and more time with patients – using the most powerful, easy-to-use dental inventory management platform.

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